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Comfort and quality in Trapani Old Town


Sicily offers an amazing uncontaminated nature, full of stunning and unique landscapes, scents, and tastes. Some of the islands around it, such as Pantelleria, Egadi Islands and Ustica, are a perfect example ofAi?? Sicilian beauty, traditions, art and history: each one has got its own peculiarities.

Itai??i??s all deep inside this powerful land, very rich in traditions and legends.

Every archeological site and monument tell us stories about Sicilyai??i??s ancient origins, making this land mysteriously enchanting, and showing us an art which has been building itself over the centuries.

ai???Rosa dei Ventiai??? Apartments are located in western Sicily, and we give our travellers the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and chilling journey in comfortable and cozy accommodations.

Through the suggestive alleys in Trapaniai??i??s centre, you can find our ai???Rosa dei Ventiai??? Holiday Houses, 10 different kinds of mini-flats designed to accommodate from one person to a maximum of 30 people.

Thanks to the strategic location,you can enjoy nice walks through Trapaniai??i??s ancient walls, visit monuments and baroque churches, and taste the typical Sicilian food.

Just at 200mt from our apartments, there is the port: there you can take ferry boats to Egadi Islands and Pantelleria, or reache the most famous touristic attractions outside the city, such as Segestaai??i??s Acropolys, the ancient greek town of Selinunte, or the legendary Venus Castle on the top of the famous mount Erice, a medieval village where time seems to be stopped.

You must visit the suggestive Trapani and Pacecoai??i??s ai???Salineai??? (salt pans) Natural Reserve, and the WWF oasis where you can see beautiful animal species such as pink flamingos.

Some steps away from our apartments, there is the bus station, from where you can reach San Vito Lo Capo and bath into its crystalline sea waters, or walk into the wild the natural-oriented reserve of ai???Zingaroai???, with wo kann ich kamagra oral jelly kaufen. its stunning small beaches.

Beyond Zingaro, where high rocks are opposite to sandy beaches and hidden coves, you can find Castellammare del Golfo. It takes its name from the big castle built almost on the sea, used in the past centuries as watching tower to check waters and protect the city from any enemies.

Beaches in Castellammare are the main touristic attraction: thatai??i??s why, every year, thousands of tourists choose to visit this Sicilyai??i??s corner, spending nice chilling moments there.

ai???Rosa dei ventiai???rents out guests its holiday houses, near the most famous beaches in Castellammare, all reachable on foot.

Our ai???Villaflatsai??? canandian cialis for sale. are well connected with public transport, at just 1km from the sea.

Castellammare del Golfo is one of families with childrenai??i??s favourite places in Trapaniai??i??s cheap ed trial packs, cheap ed trial packs, cheap ed trial packs, cheap ed trial packs, cheap ed trial packs, cheap ed trial packs. province, because of its big and clean beaches such as the long and sandy ai???Playaai???, at about 1,5km from the city centre.

Other two of the most famous bays in Castellammare are Scopello and Guidaloca, reachable by public transport or by car in 5 minutes.

Scopello beach is a naturalistic place with a beautiful sea bottom, perfect for diving lovers. Just in front of the beach, there are the Faraglioni, stunning sea stacks that make the landscape even more suggestive.

Near Scopello you can also find the small Guidalocaai??i??s bay, a pebbly beach with an ancient watching tower, built in 19th century. Guidalocaai??i??s waters are so blue and clear, and there you can also find caves on the sea that make the shore mysterious and fascinating.

At the extreme head of Castellammareai??i??s coast, there is the city of Palermo, colourful and lively Sicilian county seat. Here Rosa dei Venti Apartments offers the opportunity to stay in a very nice two rooms apartment, at the third floor of a building. The cityai??i??s origins are very old: it was founded between 7th and 6th century b.c. under the Punic domination, and it has become one of the most popular ports in the Mediterran area. Old Greeks, Romans, Arabians and Normans have been here. The complex history of Palermo rests on its hugeAi?? architectural heritage: from the antique Punic walls around the old urban centre, to some elegant liberty-styled villas and typical Arabian places of worship. The majestic Palermoai??i??s cathedral is a perfect example the past multi-ethnic influences inside the city, with its 18th centuryai??i??s dome and a medieval bell tower.

Near the Cathedral there is ai???Palazzo dei Normanniai??? (Normanai??i??s Palace), originally an Arabian Building, which includes ai???Cappella Palatinaai??? (Palatin Chapel), rich of Byzantine mosaics, a real art masterpiece.

The most modern side of Palermo can be admired on the other side of the city. Over the neoclassical ai???Massimoai??? Theatre, a lyrical music temple, there is another important city theatre, the ai???Politeama Garibaldiai???, in Politeama Square, built in 19th century.

Another important attraction is the typical ai???Teatro dei Pupiai???, a traditional puppet theatre which tells the stories of Charlemagne and his paladins. Across via LibertAi??, the main avenue, you enter the liberty and 19th centuryai??i??s typical district, with its lively streets. The Botanical Garden , founded in 1789, is famous for its many plant species from all over the world. Farther from the city centre, there are ai???La Zisaai??? and ai???La Cubaai??? two old districts with typical oriental buildings dating back to William 2ndai??i??s kingdom.

The small towns around Palermo are also enchanting: Mondello, beach of Palermo, famous for its crystalline waters. Here the ai???Polipariai???, groups of roasted octopus peddlars, sell it cut in piecesA�on the beach.

Itai??i??s also very nice to see Palermoai??i??s street food markets, like ai???Vucciriaai??? or ai???BallarA?ai???, dairy doxyhexal diarrhea. while the best place for antique trade lovers is ai???Papiretoai??? street market. The old city offers entertainments for everyone.

Soai??i??.start packing your bags: weai??i??ll take care of your holidays in Sicily!