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Terms and conditions


Here below SUMMER HOLIDAYS S.R.L. is referred to as SH; who rents is indicated as the Customer.

1. INTRODUCTION The following conditions govern relations between customers and SH, which promotes the rental for tourist and temporary use of the apartments specified on


2.1 Bookings made through the website will have cash or card payment methods. Once the booking has been made, you will receive a confirmation and a voucher directly by email;

2.2 The balance of the booking will be paid directly at the arrival in the structure for payment in cash, or one day earlier by withdrawal at the details indicated in the booking.


Communication of the check-in time is required at least one day before your stay; it is possible to do so within the voucher received via email, in the “Manage your booking” item, sending it as a message. Otherwise, the SH reserves the right, after our attempt to contact the customer, to cancel that night after 12:00.


4.1 The standard check-in time is from 16:00 to 23:00 (In case of late check-in, contact us first to arrange everything);

4.2 The check-out time extends no later than 10:00 am;

4.2.1 In case of late check-out, please contact us before checking in, to agree on the possibility or impossibility of the request;

4.3 Children up to 2 years of age do not pay;

4.4 A telephone contact is required at least 24 hours before the day of arrival, by SMS or by call;

4.5 Small or medium-sized pets are allowed;

4.6 All rooms are non-smoking, but there are equipped areas:

4.6.1 For Trapani Apartments: on the landing, or on the terrace for customers staying in the studios on the terrace where smoking is possible;

4.6.2 For Castellammare del Golfo Apartments: Outside;

4.6.3 For Palermo Apartments: On the balcony.

4.7 It is not allowed to organize parties inside the structure;

4.8 An advance payment is not required; it is possible to pay the whole amount upon check-in;

4.9 To use the Transfer or Parking service, a 24-hour notice is required, and confirmation will always be made subject to availability of the structure.


5.1 The customer, within the voucher received by e-mail, has the possibility to make changes to his reservation, regarding the number of nights or the request for additional services;

5.2 In the event of cancellation, the customer has the possibility of making it free of charge by communicating: 5.2.1 for Trapani Apartments: by 12.00 noon of the presumed arrival day;

5.2.2 for Castellammare Apartments: within 24 hours before the presumed arrival time (previously communicated);

5.2.3 for Palermo Apartments: within 24 hours before the alleged day of arrival; cancellations made after the indicated time involve the payment of the first night of stay.


6.1 Any changes to the specifications of the apartment, which may be necessary for its full operation, may be made. In the interest of continuous improvement, without having to provide any communication, the furnishings, equipment, objects of use, or any part of activity previously communicated or available may be changed;

6.2 In the event that SH becomes aware of a transformation to the property after the booking by a Customer, SH will communicate this information to the Customer before the departure of the same.


Pets of small or medium size are allowed, upon notice at the time of booking. If the Customer fails to inform the presence of animals or does not comply with the criteria adopted by us, SH reserves the right to request that the Customer leave the property without compensation.


8.1 In the event that the Customer is not satisfied with the rented apartment, he must immediately contact SH, who will try to solve the problem;

8.2 No complaint will be accepted after the end of the lease (if the Customer leaves the apartment before the end of the lease without notifying a representative of SH, the Customer loses any right to any compensation);

8.3 In the event that the problem cannot be solved during the duration of the lease, the Customer can send his claim in writing within 7 days from the end of the lease.


9.1 SH cannot be held responsible for any noise or disturbances that come from sources external to the property. In the event that the source of an obvious and considerable noise has come into being prior to the Client’s arrival and SH has become aware of it, he will immediately contact the Customer to inform him;

9.2 SH cannot be held responsible for the breakdown of mechanical equipment, such as pumps, water heaters, or for the failure to supply public services, such as water, gas and electricity or breakdown of domestic equipment;

9.3 SH cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of fulfilling the contract in situations of calamitous events such as explosions, storms, accidents, fires, war or threat of war, civil uprisings, and also for actions, restrictions, laws, measures of any nature by the government or local authorities, strikes, lockouts, or other industrial actions or disputes, or adverse weather conditions;

9.4 The customer expressly exempts SH from any liability for direct and indirect damages to persons and / or things that could derive from an intentional or negligent event by anyone committed, except that gross or manifest guilt on the part of SH concurs.


SH reserves the right to terminate the contract by written notice to the customer in the event of behavior by the customer, contrary to rules of correctness and good conduct of the apartment as provided by the art. 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7. In relation to the higher hypotheses, SH will have the right to withhold the sum paid by the customer as a down payment, without the latter being able to claim their return.

11 LAW

All the clauses of this contract are essential and form a unique and inseparable context for which, by express agreement, the violation of even one of the aforementioned clauses will give the right to terminate the contract. This contract and all related matters are governed by Italian law. For matters not covered by this contract, the parties refer to the provisions of L.392 / 78 and subsequent amendments, the Civil Code and current legislation.


Pursuant to the provisions of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions, the customer declares to have been informed about the purposes and methods of processing, the nature of the provision, the consequences of any refusal, the subjects to whom the data may be communicated and the scope of dissemination of the data itself, as well as the rights contemplated by the same Law, the company name and the office of the Data Controller and the Manager. On the basis of this information, the client gives his consent to the processing of data in the context of the purposes and methods indicated and within the limits in which consent is required by law.